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Boudoir Consultation

Boudoir Consultation


Our Alyce Kae Photography Boudoir Consultation is your chance to learn more about what goes into a Boudoir Session with us and help us determine your goals so we can best personalize your shoot to your needs.


Together we will discuss 1-on-1 all the details of what to expect from booking your shoot to delivery of products. Including...




💓Royalty Points


💓and MORE


We will also go over our contract extensively. We present a PowerPoint presentation breakdown of what your contract states and our policies, before going over our actual contract, so you know EXACTLY what you're signing up for.


    Terms and conditions: 

    $99 is only refundable when the applicant attends their consultation interview within 20 days of purchase and if during the consultation interview Alyce Kae Photography chooses not to move forward with the applicant. Applicants may also receive a refund of their $99 if they sign a contract, fully book their appointment and show up to their session at its initially scheduled time. Should the applicant be invited to take part but not choose to move forward the $99 will be kept by Alyce Kae Photography for their time and effort conducting the consultation. Choosing not to move forward includes not signing a contract with Alyce Kae Photography and/or not doing what is expected of them as stated within the contract. Interview must take place within 20 days of signing up.

    Failure to attend your consultation within the time frame paid for will result in the client losing out on the consultation.

    Alyce Kae Photography LLC reserves the right to add, change, amend, or delete portions of this policy at any time, with or without notice.



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