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We're choosing 12 women to share their stories and reclaim their confidence by being featured in our Courageous Woman Collective Calendar.  


What is a Courageous Woman Collective?  


A "Courageous Woman Collective" is a group or community of women who embody bravery, resilience, and strength in the face of challenges. It's a supportive network where women come together to uplift and empower each other, sharing their stories, experiences, and encouragement. The term "collective" suggests a collaborative effort, emphasizing the unity and solidarity among these courageous women as they navigate life's hurdles with determination and fearlessness.


If you take part as one of the LUCKY 12 ladies, you will receive a luxurious boudoir session with Alyce Kae Photography, complete with...

💓Professional Hair and Makeup

💓Complete Wardrobe Guidance

💓Professional Posing Guidance

💓A complimentary meal provided

Your own personal copy of the Courageous Woman Collective Calendar featuring YOU inside!

During your Zoom consultation interview, we will get to know you even better and determine if you are chosen as one of the top 12 to participate. If you are chosen we will immediately move forward with a full consultation.


***LIMITED SPOTS! Your $99 is refundable***


Note: $99 is only refundable when the applicant attends their consultation interview within 20 days of purchase and if during the consultation interview, Alyce Kae Photography chooses not to move forward with the applicant. Applicants may also receive a refund of their $99 if they sign a contract, fully book their appointment and show up to their session at its initially scheduled time, at which time the $99 will be refunded. Should the applicant be invited to take part but not choose to move forward the $99 will be kept by Alyce Kae Photography for their time and effort conducting the consultation. Choosing not to move forward includes not signing a contract with Alyce Kae Photography and/or not doing what is expected of them as stated within the contract.

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